We are Pasqui and Rose, founders of Unica & Co. Bonded by blood, we have a deep love for our Italian heritage, and through this, are determined to create something extraordinary.

We have had a rich Italian life. Our parents Giuseppe & Elia were born in a small town named Buonalbergo in the province of Benevento, Italy. They arrived in Australia in 1972; Rose was two, I was born one year later and our youngest sister, Antoinetta, three years later.

Despite being thousands of miles away from their home country, our parents showered us with Italian traditions including Sunday pasta lunches and growing our own food. They taught us that family is first and the importance of bringing people together around a table sharing platters and bowls of good food, loud conversations and lots of laughter.

Our love for those moments inspired us to extend this experience with others, leading us to collaborate with local Italian artisans who foster the same sense of togetherness. We aim to embrace the Italian heritage and highlight colour and fashion from cities all over Italy!

We know these hand-selected pieces will bring a spirit of togetherness and joy when sharing in fine foods with your family and friends. We hope you enjoy.


Pasqui & Rose